Sector-wise Projects

Sectoral Coverage

So far CAD has conducted many projects and campaigns on several development issues. Through employing of striking development ideas, it has tried achieving tough community development goals in the neglected parts of focused district. CAD in its career spanned has touched upon almost all the basic development sectors; its sector-based contributions can be accounted for in the form of following representation in pie chart;

The pie chart above clearly shows that the major part of CAD contributions has remained potentially in four basic sectors includes social infrastructure, water Supply & Sanitation, construction of irrigation channels to boost agriculture sector. Construction of Bridges which can support cars to move through them so everyone can access it and transportation in area gets possible, Construction of Protective works, River Diversion Structures Spurs, Channelization of River and Streams, Construction of Wells, Construction of Animal Shelters, Emergency Response during Disaster Provision of (NFIs),Provision of family tents to homeless peoples, Rehabilitation of Infrastructure schemes after Disaster ,Promotion of Alternate Solar Energy ,Introduction of Cheap Fuel(Bio Briquetting) .Introduction & Promotion of Compressor less Refrigeration systems running  without Electricity  District Chitral is the most remote district of KPK province and due to its peace environment, tourists all over the world are attracted for which infrastructure sector needs to be more developed. Now social support also become part of CAD in which MBA is first step to support children of chitral those are needy with an innovative approach to it.